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The fastest transparent acrylic varnish in our product range. It is characterized by a trouble-free and predictable way of application and high gloss. Thanks to properly selected components and resin systems, it provides good fluidity and very fast drying of the varnish which translates into ease of repairs and significantly reduces the time of repair of the varnish coating. It provides resistance to changing weather conditions, which guarantees an excellent appearance and durability of the varnish coating over a long period of time. It is very easy to polish with commonly available polishing systems. It will perform well in varnishing at lower temperatures and in Smart Repair services. Suggested number of coatings: 2.

UNIT CONTAINER                           SHIPPING PACKAGING (pcs.)                        ARTICLE NUMBER

500 ml + 250 ml hardener                            8                                                                      43313
1l + 500 ml hardener                                      6                                                                     43314
5l +  2,5l hardener                                           3                                                                     43315