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Polyester resins


Repair Resin which, in combination with a glass fibre mat or fabric, is intended for the manufacture of laminates by manual application. Very good adhesion to various types of surfaces provides an extremely wide range of use of the product to include application onto glass composites, wood, metals, plastics, etc. A properly made laminate guarantees adequate flexibility, mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures (up to 80oC) as well as lubricants, oils, petrol and weather conditions. An essential product for the repair of yachts, boats, caravans, RV bodies, spoilers or similar components. It offers options for the reconstruction of corroded parts of a car body that cannot be repaired otherwise for various reasons. After grinding, any Polfill polyester putty can be used to smooth out the surface. Repair Resin requires the use of dibenzoyl peroxide paste for curing.

Article number:
43143 (1litr)       


The product is designed for processing in manual or spray application technology. Used together with fibrous materials, it acts as a binder to enable the manufacture of laminated components. Depending on the needs, the resin can be applied onto glass or carbon fibres, also in the form of mats and fabrics. A properly made and cured composite is characterized by high performance parameters and is resistant to weather conditions, high temperatures (up to 80oC), lubricants, oils, petrol, etc. Polyester Resin provides very good adhesion to various types of surfaces to offer a wide range of possible applications. Perfect for reconstruction and repair of small vessels, caravans, RV bodies, spoilers or as an alternative solution for the repair of corroded car body components. After grinding, any Polfill polyester putty can be used to smooth out the surface. To be processed with a liquid curing agent.

Article number:
43310 (1litr)    


Ready-to-use kit consisting of Repair Resin, curing agent and fibreglass mat. The pack capacity and the amount of glass mat have been selected optimally to enable the repair of common, typical and small-size defects. Ideal for use in both professional repair shops and hobbyists’ garages. The application options and product features are presented in the description of Repair Resin.

Article number:
43144 (250 g) 


Made of single fibres arranged randomly, bound into the whole by special emulsion. With mat’s properties, it can be formed into any shape.
In combination with Polfill Repair Resin or Polyester Resin, the product can be used to manufacture laminates with very good performance parameters. Excellent for use in the automotive, furniture and boatbuilding industries.

 Article number:
43153 (150 g/m2 – 0,5) /  43154 (300 g/m2 – 0,5), /  43155 (300 g/m2 – 2,5) / 43156 (450 g/m2 – 0,5)