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automotive silicone remover

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Efficient and effective agent used for cleaning, degreasing and removing silicone compounds on surfaces to be varnished. Perfectly removes impurities such as tar, asphalt and oil residues. The composition of the Polfill Silicone Remover AUTOMOTIVE has been selected in such a way that it is perfect for every paint shop. It has an optimal evaporation time and, in most cases, it is safe for primers and other 1K coatings. The use of the remover during varnishing works helps to ensure adequate adhesion to the substrate and effectively reduces the risk of varnish coatings defects in the form of the so-called silicone meshes and craters. In case of persistent impurities, it is recommended to use the Polfill Silicone remover PRO.

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                           1 litr                                                                                                                                    43 243

                           5 litr                                                                                                                                    43 244