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Polishing products


The polishing sponge is intended for polishing and grinding of car paints and coatings of various types. It is made from carefully selected materials of the highest quality, which ensure its high effectiveness and strength during work. It can be used with different types of polishing pastes (including coarse-grained). For both wet and dry use, within the speed range from 600 to 2600 rpm at no load. 



Velcro polishing sponge can be used in mechanical and manual polishing. The fixing unit made of a very strong and durable Velcro provides secure and firm fixing of the sponge to the polishing device. It may be used with different types of polishing pastes (including coarse-grained). It is intended for use both wet and dry, within speed range between 600 and 2600 rpm (no load). Several types of foams of different hardness are available with mounting disks.



A mounting bracket for angle polishers. It is designed for Velcro mounting of a polishing fur pad or a polishing sponge. On the one side it has a standard grinder metal thread and the other side is equipped with a high-quality Velcro for multiple attachment of polishing accessories. Available with a diameter of 12 cm and a thickness of 9 mm.


Polyurethane foam is used for fast and effective masking of transitions between coated car body elements to eliminate visible “cuts” in the paint. It ensures protection of the seals.
By using a foam carrier, the tape sticks well to uneven surfaces and various types of profiles, to optimally fill the empty space. Resistant to high temperatures and impact, it has insulating properties and is characterized by high flexibility. For use in all types of vehicles.The package contains 4 rolls with a length of 5m and a width of 13mm. 


The spacer is intended for use in final processing and finishing. It has a specially designed system of holes, which ensures excellent compatibility between the abrasive pads with the disk mounted on the grinder. The spacers are suitable for processing any non-planar body parts. Available with a thickness of 10mm in blue, red and black colour.


The double-sided adhesive tape is designed for application to even surfaces, for example for attaching strips or decorative profiles. It has a high resistance to water, salt, UV rays, engine oils or fuels. Available widths: 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm , 19 mm, 25 mm and the length of 5m.



The masking&deflecting tape is intended for protecting the rubber seals and glass parts of the car body during painting. An additional plastic strip enables a quick and easy placement of the tape under the seal, while the remainder is used to protect rubber and glass parts. Resistant to water, moisture, engine oils, fats and solvents. Available with perforation on 50mm centres or without perforation. Available dimensions: 10 x 50mm x 10m; 15 x 50mm x 10m; 19 x 50mm x10m.


The grinding block is characterized by high internal rigidity while maintaining a very low weight. The blocks have two working surfaces: white and black. White surface – fast
processing of simple surface Black Surface – grinding of gentle arches, cavities and all profiled elements Available in three lengths: 140mm, 200mm, 290mm.