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Acrylic clearcoat

product visualization Acrylic Clearcoat RACER 2K HS 2-1 and hardener

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Fast-drying HS-class acrylic clearcoat designed for quick paint work repairs. It is characterized by very good drying parameters and high hardness whilst maintaining adequate flexibility and excellent gloss. Racer Varnish proves its value at lower ambient temperatures and the time to obtain final performance parameters of the coat is only about 4 hours after painting, which means that the vehicle’s stay time in the repair can be significantly reduced. Recommended for partial and SMART repairs. Racer Varnish is easy to apply and polish with generally available polishing systems. Resistance to UV rays and changing weather conditions guarantees an excellent appearance of the painted shell. Available with a dedicated Racer Curing Agent. Suggested number of layers: 1.5-2

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