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Acrylic clearcoat PERFECT EVOLUTION 2K HS 2:1

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A high-quality HS 2:1 acrylic clearcoat designed for demanding users who value both ease of application and the perfect look of the final coat. Perfect Evolution clearcoat offers a deep, glassy gloss, resistance to adverse weather conditions, including UV radiation, and a highest-class durability of the coat. The application is extremely intuitive, predictable and fully controllable over the entire range of working temperatures. The ease of polishing is also a big advantage.
The clearcoat provides for a trouble-free application either without the addition of a thinner for acrylic products or with up to 10% share by volume of the ready-to-use mixture. Available with Normal or Fast hardener. Suggested number of layers: 1.5 – 2.

Clearcoat and hardener containers (except for 0.25 L) come with a high-quality cap with alu-foil seal protection to prevent the evaporation of volatile parts and considerably extend the product shelf life without a loss of quality parameters. 

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