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Acrylic clearcoat PERFECT 2K HS 2:1

product visualization Acrylic Clearcoat PERFECT 2K HS 2-1 and hardener

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High quality HS-class acrylic clearcoat, designed for paint work overhauls and local repairs. It is characterized by good drying times, perfect flow and excellent gloss. During application, it offers adequate stability to minimize the risk of patching and enhance the comfort of work. After drying, the product forms a good-looking coat with very good performance parameters. It ensures easy and trouble-free polishing. Perfect Varnish has a high resistance to UV rays and changing weather conditions to guarantee a lasting and unchanging gloss. Slow, Normal and Fast Curing Agents provide the options for use of the varnish at various ambient temperatures. Suggested number of layers: 1.5 – 2.

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