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Efficient and effective agent used for cleaning, degreasing and removing silicone compounds on surfaces to be varnished. Perfectly removes impurities such as tar, asphalt and oil residues. The composition of the Polfill Silicone Remover AUTOMOTIVE has been selected in such a way that it is perfect for every paint shop. It has an optimal evaporation time and, in most cases, it is safe for primers and other 1K coatings. The use of the remover during varnishing works helps to ensure adequate adhesion to the substrate and effectively reduces the risk of varnish coatings defects in the form of the so-called silicone meshes and craters. In case of persistent impurities, it is recommended to use the Polfill Silicone remover PRO. 

Article number:  
43243 (1litr) / 43244 (5 litr)


Efficient agent with a high potency designed for cleaning and effectively degreasing surfaces contaminated with impurities such as silicones, fats, oils, waxes, asphalt, etc. It ensures perfect cleanliness of the repaired spot to enable a trouble-free application of varnish materials. Its properties make it very well suited for removing residues of stickers, foils and adhesive tapes. The product also helps in the application and modelling of sealants and enables their removal from undesirable spots. Silicone Remover can be successfully used as a cleaning agent on metal engine parts, transmission parts, tools and similar components.

Article number:  
43178 (1litr)  / 43179 (5 litr) 


High quality solvent intended for thinning acrylic products such as primers, clearcoats and other products that require the use of an acrylic solvent. It ensures the right viscosity parameters of the mixture and also enables its correct application and drying. The product combines perfectly with the range of acrylic products generally available on the market.

Article number:  
43146 (500 ml)  / 43230 (5 litr)


Thinner intended for use in local repairs to fade out optical differences in gloss between the old and new varnish layer. The use of the product effectively improves the appearance of the transition area, which guarantees a perfectly looking partial repair. It works well with commercially available clearcoats and acrylic enamels 2K.

Article number:  
43174 (500 ml)  / 43175 (1 litr)


High quality organic solvent intended for thinning metallic and non-metallic basecoats used during renovation works. It combines very well with most solvent-thinned basecoats available on the market. It ensures the right viscosity of the mixture and its proper drying during application, which is key to the final result and the correct appearance of the basecoat.

Article number:  
43147 (1l)  / 43231 (5 litr)


High quality Nitro solvent intended for thinning nitrocellulose products such as paints, varnishes, enamels, etc. in order to obtain the correct working viscosity of the mixture. It can also be used with excellent results for washing and cleaning various types of painting and varnishing equipment. 

Article number:  
43311 (1l)  / 43312 (5 litr)


An effective agent designed for use as an additive to shorten the drying time of twocomponent acrylic products. The accelerator enables an optimal process of coat hardening during application of the varnish material in adverse weather conditions such as low ambient temperature and high humidity. The use of the product is also recommended where a reduced standard drying time of 2K products such as primers and varnishes is required.

Article number: 
43294 (150 ml)