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#GaszynChallenge is now a popular initiative originated by a firefighter from the Volunteer Fire Department in Gaszyn. As it stands today, it aims to promote participation in charity fundraising for the most needy with a broader community reach.
The challenge, passed on from people to people and institutions, has also reached Polfill, which joined the initiative without hesitation!

It all started with Wojtek, a boy aged one and a half years with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and a fundraising effort to support his treatment, which initially was far from successful. To somehow draw attention of donors to the parents’ call, Marcin Topór, a firefighter from the Volunteer Fire Department in Gaszyn came up with the idea of combining competition in sports with donating symbolic amounts to help out the child. The idea appealed so much to the community that it turned into a regular campaign, with more and more companies, institutions and individuals eager to join. To the symbolic 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups have been added to make it easier for an even larger group of people to video record their sporting abilities, and donations to charity are now allocated not only for little Wojtek, but also to support many others in need.

The challenge had been around Poland for a few weeks, until it finally reached Lerg SA, which then nominated Polfill. Of course, we joined without hesitation!
The weather was favourable, so the push-up event took place in the yard in front of the entrance to the newly opened warehouse of the Putties and Varnishes Department. Congratulations to the participants on their fitness!

The challenge was successfully passed, and most importantly, Lerg donated funds for the treatment and rehabilitation of little Krystian from Podkarpacie Province, who is fighting a brain stem tumour. We have made it!

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