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Leading resin producers join forces


On 1 March this year, LERG S.A. finalised the purchase of a 100% share in Ciech Żywice – a major producer of polyester and epoxy resins, gel-coats, top-coats, polyalcohols and phenolic formaldehyde resins.

The acquisition of Ciech Żywice is a continuation of the long-term strategy of building up a strong, safe and secure LERG Chemical Group.  The plants in Nowa Sarzyna, which employ over 240 people, bring to the Group not only product innovations such as high-quality epoxy resins, but also a wealth of experience, knowledge and know-how. We are connected by 80 years of tradition, a similar production profile and shared business goals. It is our profound hope that the expansion of the Group will have a positive effect on the sense of security and satisfaction of both our current and future clients collaborating with the Polfill® brand.