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We played with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity


On Sunday, January 31st, the 29th final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity [WOŚP]  took place. LERG company, the Polfill® brand owner,  has again been involved in the collection of funds for saving lives of the sick, especially children, as well as for the promotion of health and preventive healthcare.

„Final with the head”

For the second time in its history the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity raised funds for paediatric laryngology, otolaryngology and head diagnostics.  Lerg provided gadgets (i.a. sets from the Polfill® brand) for auctions conducted by the local Collection Centre „Kwiatek” located in the Secondady School Complex No. 2 in Dębica, as well as auctioned WOŚP gadgets for its employees (this year they were T-shirts and first aid key rings). For the collected money,  the Foundation plans to purchase modern medical equipment that will go to the children’s hospital departments throughout the country, including : ENT endoscopes, flexible endoscopes , rigid endoscopes for respiratory tract inspection, exoscopes, diode lasers , ENT navigation systems, coblators for tonsillectomy, USG and RTG machines, heart monitors, ENT headlamps , surgery headlamps and polysomnography sets to test sleep apnea.

This year’s declared amount (the preliminary results of the charitable collection) is PLN 127,495,626. The final result of the 29th Grand Finale fundraiser will be announced on April 7th, World Health Day.