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Lerg donated a Noble Gift

On 9-11 December, the so-called “Weekend of Miracles” took place – the annual finale of the Noble Gift, a time of meetings, handing over prepared gifts to families and sharing joy.

Help under the Noble Gift campaign has been organized in our company since 2011. This year, the collected gifts went to a family of five – 39-year-old Piotr, 34-year-old  Anna, their sons – 13-year-old Gustaw and 11-year-old Tomasz, and a daughter born during the collection.

The Noble Gift has a long tradition in our company and is associated with great commitment of the staff. I would like to thank the Employees who, despite the various adversities they encounter, do not remain indifferent to the fate of other people. In previous years, KS Chemik Pustków also joined us. By helping wisely together with the Noble Gift, we change the stories of those who live in poverty  – sums up Mrs. Agnieszka Kozubek-Bespalenko, Vice-President of the Management Board of Lerg S.A.

Once again, we managed to prepare a big package, which included foods, cleaning and school supplies, and baby products. The staff also donated a beautiful set of pots, a TV set, shoes and jackets for the boys. We also bought a vacuum cleaner and an iron, as well as a bicycle, which was a great dream for the children.

Thank you!