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Lerg employees prepared the Noble Package

Szlachetna paczka

On December 11-12, the so-called a “Weekend of Miracles” took place. It is the annual finale of the Noble Package, which is a time of meetings, handing over the prepared packages to families and sharing the joy.

This year our help went to a family of four – 48-year-old father, who is raising two teenage daughters himself, the younger one, 15-year-old Milena, suffers from cerebral palsy. Grandma, 65-year-old Małgorzata, helps in raising the girls. The family lives in a small two-room house without running water and a bathroom.

As every year, the employees of Lerg were involved in helping by donating material gifts (food, cleaning products, clothes, shoes), as well as by donating money to buy the missing items. Sport Club  KS Chemik Pustków joined this noble initiative. The family received several dozen packages with gifts, which certainly will change their Christmas this year.

Szlachetna Paczka has a long tradition in our company, but it cannot be otherwise when I hear about such a great commitment of the Lerg crew as well as positive emotions and energy while doing good and preparing packages together. I would like to thank the Employees that, despite various adversities, they still believe in good, happiness and love, they do not remain indifferent to the fate of others and with their help they bring hope to families in need and restore their dignity. By helping wisely, together with the Noble Package, we are changing the stories of those who have a harder time in life and live in poverty – summarizes Agnieszka Kozubek-Bespalenko, Vice President of the Management Board of Lerg S.A.

This year Szlachetna Paczka reached 17,000 most needy families. All those who volunteered for the action received support.