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Polfill® brand awarded with the Golden Customer Lauer 2021

Laur Klienta

The product and service offer of the Polfill® brand was awarded in the nationwide plebiscite Customer Laurel 2021 in the category of Innovative technologies (professional products in the automotive industry). The company received 23% (256) of the 1,099 votes cast.

The Customer Laurel is one of the first and most important consumer certificates in the country. It is awarded as a result of a plebiscite of universal popularity of products and services that has been carried out for 17 years. Every year, a nationwide survey gives manufacturers an answer to one of the basic questions: which products / services are currently the most popular in their group, and thus confirms the strong position of the brand on the demanding market.

More information at: www.laur-konsumenta.pl.