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Polfill supports the Zoll team at the Dakar Classic 2024 rally

Zoll Dakar Classic

Łukasz Zoll, an extremely talented rally driver, whose team we have had the pleasure of supporting for many years, is taking part in the Dakar Classic 2024 rally. 69 cars and 17 trucks are taking part in this year’s edition, including three Polish crews.

Dakar Classic is a competition of historical vehicles. What matters here is very precise navigation. The winner is not the one with the shortest time in which to complete a given section, but what counts is the time closest to the one set by the organizer as the reference time for a given section and group of vehicles. Competitors must constantly monitor the route and take part in additional tasks, including: navigation and dune tests.

We wish the representatives of the P-Rally team taking part in a Porsche 924 in the colors of the Diverse Extreme Team (Łukasz and Michał Zoll in one car, and Tomasz Staniszewski and Stanisław Postawka in the other) perseverance, the best possible conditions on the route, excellent results and, above all, to return from Saudi Arabia safe and sound and with amazing sports memories!